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30 April, 2007 * 7:49 am

I think what people don't realize is that a pregnancy due date is just a guess. While the due date is set at 40 weeks beyond the start date of your last period, you're considered "term" or "fully cooked" or whatever you want to call it when you hit a mere 37 weeks. So, if we're going by THAT calculator (and lets do, okay?), then I'm over 2 weeks LATE to have this baby, and it's really, really not okay with me anymore.

To say I'm physically uncomfortable is just a terribly unfair understatement. Menial tasks are daunting and take as much energy as I have to expend. Such as? Getting up from a lying position in bed. Doesn't seem like it would be all that difficult, but holy flying fuck, it has become a ritual in upper body strength and balance. Then there is putting on a pair of socks, which challenges my dexterity in a way I never imagined.

To add insult to injury, two, count 'em, TWO gals I know emailed me this morning to announce they are no longer pregnant, having gone into labor naturally and had their babies over the weekend. As happy as I am for them, I'm at least as equally sad for me that I cannot say the same.

I am WILLING my body to go into labor ASAP, and if that doesn't work, I'll be begging my OB this afternoon to induce me.

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