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An Unlikely Pairing.
18 April, 2007 * 1:51 pm

It's Wednesday, people, and all is well. My dog is, as usual, sprawled listlessly on the couch in my office, looking so cute that I have to disturb her every few minutes to either coo at her cuteness or rub her pink belly. Work is getting done, which is v. good, seeing as I have just 12 more days of it until I get 3 months off. AND, a coworker just sent me a receipe for what she's calling Banana Bars, and seem to me to be mini banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. One word: YUM. Hence, I'm going to the market at lunch to pick up ingredients I'm missing so I can make these later today.

Non is off to a basketball game tonight with a friend (the Bobcats game, which, thankfully, he didn't ask me to attend with him, because I would've declined), and I'm staying home and hosting a pooch playdate for Missy and her best friend, Sebastian. They are so fun to watch because they're such an unlikely pair. Missy - the big, barrell-chested bulldog, and Sebastian, the frail and timid chihuahua whose whole body is smaller than Missy's head. I'll have me some good fun watching these two... while I eat banana bars and wait for labor to begin.

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