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This is One Lazy Baby.
09 May, 2007 * 7:17 am

T minus 2 hours and counting until my next OB appointment wherein I will beg and plead my way into an induction today (hopefully). I'm not sure what my doctor's philosophies and practices are on inducing labor and, particularly, WHEN we can do that, but I am committed to do and/or say virtually anything to get him to send me to the hospital straightaway from his office so we can get this kid out of me.

I've mentioned being uncomfortable and even miserable before, but until you're pregnant and are days past the due date with seemingly no end in sight, you don't know uncomfortable and miserable.

On a good note, my parents got in yesterday and it's nice having them here. My dog is perhaps the most excited - I honestly think they might have been looking more forward to seeing the dog than they are to meeting their new grandchild. And of course, our pooch is in heaven with all the attention. Four more hands to pet and play and rub her belly.

I had crab legs and chocolate cake last night for dinner. A slightly odd combination, but oh-so-good.

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